Vinyl vs Wood Windows | See How They Compare


Vinyl vs Wood Windows | See How They Compare

Compare vinyl vs. wood windows and see how they stack up against one another in terms of durability and strength, looks and style, ratings and energy efficiency, and pricing and overall value.

Looks And Style

Vinyl had a poor reputation in the past which it has now mostly lived down. The material is usually in light or white colors and looks good, but is not beautiful like wood frame. Wood is very attractive option for replacement window frames in that it looks stylish, distinctive and traditional. Natural wood also has excellent insulation properties.

Ratings And Energy Efficiency

Vinyl frames have proved to be more efficient than thermally broken aluminum but usually less so than wood frames. Wood has great natural insulating properties. When windows are properly installed and have solid glass packages, they provide excellent energy conservation for a home that can help save on heating and cooling costs for many years.


Vinyl is one of the easiest frames to maintain. It will never need any painting, nor does it warp, peel or chip. Scratches are almost unnoticeable as the material is the same color all the way through. Wood requires much more more maintenance. They will need regular re-painting to keep them looking good and to protect them from rot. Without that protection, wood frames will eventually rot, warp or split and may even become infested with termites or other bugs. In humid areas wood frames are also prone to sticking as the wood absorbs water.

Pricing And Overall Value

Vinyl Prices: $275 to $700 installed. These are one of the most affordable options. Find more on vinyl window pricing. Wood: $350 to $1200 installed. Wood windows are the most expensive frame option. Find more on wood window prices.

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