Vinyl vs Wood Windows | See How They Compare


Vinyl vs. Fiberglass Windows

Compare vinyl vs fiberglass windows and see how they stack up in terms of durability, design, efficiency and overall price.

Durability and Strength

Fiberglass windows are probably a bit stronger than their vinyl counterpart, although this will certainly come down to brand and the actual window model or series that you opt for. A high end vinyl window like an Okna or Gorell should last almost as long as an Infinity fiberglass window from Marvin.


Windows come in a range of designers and the decision on which to choose is down to personal preference. In some cases the manufacturer may decide the style, based on what they have available. When having a look at Milgard windows, for example, the vinyl and aluminum options look the same and most homeowners will never be able to tell the difference. When looking at a lower quality window and compare it to a high quality fiberglass option, the difference in the frame will be instantly recognizable. The decision should be based on the style of the home, the owner's preference and the quality of the product.


Window companies will always provide performance numbers for the windows that they supply and when comparing vinyl vs. fiberglass windows, there may not be much of a difference, at least at the outset. As the years go by, vinyl windows will lessen in the energy efficiency, while fiberglass will go down as well but at a slower rate. Taking that into consideration, fiberglass is more likely to be the energy efficient option. Energy efficiency cannot be based on the frame and window only, installation plays a significant role in how the window performs.


Vinyl windows have grown in popularity and are manufactured by hundreds of companies in the United State. In fact, vinyl is responsible for around half of replacement windows purchased today. Vinyl windows cost anywhere from $200 to $750 for each installed window. Middle of the road vinyl windows prices around the $425 installed price mark. Fiberglass is more expensive, perhaps 20% to 40%, the price is also based on the construction of these products. Homeowners will pay between $300 to $900 for each fully installed. Middle of the range fiberglass windows can cost in the region of $600 fully installed.


When choosing between vinyl vs. fiberglass windows, it's important to take the price and quality into consideration. Fiberglass windows are the more expensive and probably more energy efficient option so it is really down to preference and budget.

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