Vinyl Sliding Windows | Basics, Prices & Benefits


Vinyl Sliding Windows | Basics, Prices & Benefits

Vinyl sliding windows are typically longer horizontally than vertically and open with a sliding or gliding motion side-to-side. This differs significantly from most other popular vinyl window styles that are taller than they are wide and open either up and down or outwards.

Basics Of Vinyl Sliding Windows

Vinyl sliding windows are nearly always wider than they are tall in order to maximize the amount of window that can be opened. The other plus is that they let in great natural light to a room. Usually one half of the window can be slid open to provide ventilation. Vinyl sliding windows are the most popular material for this style - it is quite rare to see a wood slider. Sliders are often thought to be a simple design that combines a nice look with good functionality. There aren't as many hardware pieces involved as say vinyl casement windows, which means there are less pieces that can cause problems.

Siding Window Costs

Price: $300 to $450 installed

Vinyl sliding windows will be at the lower end of the vinyl window pricing scale. Installation will account for $100 to $150 of the price, with the actual window accounting for $200 to $300 - or the remainder of the cost,

Benefits Of Vinyl Sliding Windows

Cost Effective

Gliders are a basic window for the most part and don't require expensive hardware. As such, they usually come with a very standard glass package. Just make sure that you buy vinyl windows from a reputable source and don't skimp on the installation.

Good Ventilation

Because one half of the window can be opened and gliders tend to be larger than other types, they can let in lots of air. They can be slid all the way open for a good breeze or only a few inches for a bit of circulation.

Lots Of Natural Light

Since these windows tend to be wider and often have slim sightlines (relatively narrow frames), they let in lots of natural sunlight. This is a great way to brighten up a room and cut down on the electricity costs.


Can't Be Too Wide

One issue that comes up in online forums is gliders that are too wide or tall for the quality of the extrusion used. The result is warping or bending in hot climates because the frame has to support too much weight. This is where a knowledgeable window contractor comes in VERY handy and can recommend proper sizing and good quality vinyl window companies that use good extrusions, fills and glass packages.

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