Vinyl Casement Windows | Basics, Prices & Benefits


Vinyl Casement Windows

Vinyl casement windows are a versatile and attractive window that offers excellent ventilation and easy cleaning options. Casements are one of the more popular styles, probably just behind double hungs and sliders in terms of their popularity within the residential market.

The Basics Behind Casements

Casement windows are pretty unique looking; they rotate outward from a hing on one side of the window. This differs from say a sliding window that slides horizontally along a track or a single hung that has a single lower sash that slides up and down. A casement usually has a hand crank that you turn to rotate the window outwards. Casements have two distinct things going for it. One, it is a very classy looking window. Two, it offers excellent energy efficiency because when the window is cranked shut, the compression seals are typically more effective than with other styles and options.

Casement Window Prices

Casements are generally one of the more expensive window options, often $50 higher than a double hung equivalent. Buying entry level casements is probably not the best idea because the hand crank and hardware can look a bit cheap and repairs to this mechanism can be a headache. Brands and model will be the biggest factor in terms of cost, our vinyl window cost estimator can provide some good ballpark pricing scenarios for casement projects. In general though, here is the price range you can expect.

-- Price Range: $350 to $725 installed --


Lots of manufacturers offer vinyl casement windows. Some of the better companies for this style of window include:



Excellent Ventilation

Casements are great for ventilation because the whole window swings open and allows tons of afternoon breezes in. They are probably the best option for basement egress windows where code requires a that an emergency exit have a relatively large area to climb in and out of in case of a fire or other emergency. They also provide nice ventilation for a basement space that is traditionally a bit stuffy because of it's location and lack of windows.

Excellent Compression Seals

Casements have a true weather-tight seal on all three sides when closed. The seal can virtually eliminate air and water transfer, making a huge dent in energy usage. They are typically more energy efficient than single and double hungs, as well as horizontal sliders, although not as efficient as a fixed frame.

Hardware Options

High end vinyl casements have excellent hardware options. Corrosion resistant hardware withstands harsh weather and sunlight better than standard materials, making it an ideal choice in areas with a lot of rough weather. In addition, a nestled folding handle can help to contain window treatments attractively.

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