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Vinyl Basement Windows

Many home owners use vinyl basement windows when they go through basement remodeling projects. Vinyl replacements are the most common frame material for several reasons. Basements are often subject to moisture, and vinyl reduces the need to worry about mold, mildew, rust, and rotting. They also prevent termites and other insects from entering.

Basement Basics

Vinyl basement windows are important for several reasons, the most important of which is that they provide an emergency exit in case of fire or other disaster. They also bring natural light into the interior of these often dark rooms and can provide great ventilation. In short, they help to connect the basement to the outside world - which can be nice even if the room's main purpose is to simply get away, relax and entertain.

Basement Window Prices

There is a big project, one that involves much more than simply replacing a window. The design and layout of the home, the position of the egress window, energy efficiency qualities, and other factors can make a significant difference in the cost to replace or install these windows.

-- Replacement Basement Window: $200 to $500 --

-- Complete Basement Egress Project: $1,200 to $3,500 --

Common Window Options

The most common type of window is a casement, followed closely by sliding windows. Casements can be much smaller in size because the entire window space opens (thus satisfying the safety requirements of an egress). Sliders are nice for several reasons; they don't have to as large as say a single hungs to satisfy the code requirement (but they will have to be larger in size than a casement), they provide nice horizontal space for light and breezes and they are relatively inexpensive. Single and double-hungs can be used but they are not ideal. They have to be very tall to satisfy building requirements and they are more vertical in nature, which can prove tricky with the set ups of many basements.

Advantages of Vinyl Basement Windows

Energy Efficiency

Vinyl basement windows can increase the home's energy efficiency. Like other windows in the home, they should be double paned at a minimum and you should consider other energy efficient features. Low-e glass to keep out excessive heat from the sun, UV or other coatings, gas fills such as argon or krypton and spacers can provide excellent performance numbers.


Security is an important and often overlooked concern. Located near the ground and often invisible from the road, basement windows can be a prime target for intruders. Strong frames and locks can deter invaders. Consider alarms and updating the landscaping to make the window and its locking mechanisms more visible.

Maintenance Needs

Because they are close to the ground, there is an increased chance they can be exposed to water and moisture with excessive weather. Wood and metal frame materials can rust, rot or warp. Today's vinyl is very strong and can withstand the kind of weather and issues that basements often require.

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