Single Hung Vinyl Windows | Basics, Costs & Benefits


Single Hung Vinyl Windows

Single hung vinyl windows used to be thought of as poor quality or builder grade windows. As the number of vinyl window manufacturers increases, the number of solid single hung window options has risen and homeowners now have a number of good options for these economical and no frills window style.

Single Hung Window Basics

Single hungs differ from double hungs in that a single hung has a single lower sash that can be opened or closed. Double hungs have two sashes at the top and bottom and either one can be opened for the purposes of ventilation or easier cleaning. In past decades, single hungs were considered a cheap window, but as energy efficiency standards have risen with the Energy Star program, manufacturers have begun to make single hungs that are just about on par with double hungs. In fact, because they have less parts, single hungs often beat out double hungs in terms of performance numbers - see below for more info.

Single Hung Prices

Single hung vinyl windows will typically run from $300 to $700 fully installed. The actual window will run be say $200 to $500, while installation will be $100 to $200 per window or opening. In general, single hungs will be $50 to $75 less than a comparable double hung window. Explore more vinyl window costs.

-- Price Range: $300 to $700 installed --

Lower Price Tag

Single hung vinyl windows are one of the lower priced options on the market. Homeowners no longer have to sacrifice quality if they want a lower priced window. Sure, you miss out on some of the cleaning and ventilation options that double hungs offer, but if the savings add up to a couple of thousand dollars on your project it may be well worth it.

Great Performance Numbers

The less moving parts there are to a window, the better it will keep out the heat and/or cold. This assumes good seals, glazing, glass and spacers, of course, but the rule certainly applies to this style of window. Single hungs have one sash, have decent compression seals and will typically offer better performance numbers than a comparable double hung window.

Low Maintenance

The less parts that move on a window usually translates to less problems down the road. The single hung offers a way to open your windows, but reduces the chance for costly repairs on parts that could fail in the future. Vinyl window frames require very little maintenance and simply need to be cleaned periodically to remove dust and dirt that may get in the way of a smooth opening and closing action on the sash.

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