Vinyl Window Styles


Vinyl Window Styles

There are tons of vinyl window styles to choose from. Nearly every window type is now made in a vinyl frame. Click below to discover great articles detailing the basics, compare costs and options associated with each style and which companies manufacture them.

Basement & Egress Options

Many home owners use vinyl when they go through basement remodeling projects. This is the most common frame material for several reasons. Basements are often subject to moisture, and vinyl reduces the need to worry about mold, mildew, rust, and rotting. They also prevent termites and other insects from entering.

» Basement Windows


Long a favorite of builders and home owners, this style provides excellent natural light and views. They also tend to have a much better seal than other types, making them more energy efficient and lowering energy costs.

» Vinyl Casements

Clad Windows

These are the best choice in extreme climates as they have outstanding properties of insulation. They reduce your energy bills for heating and cooling with their excellent energy efficiency rating. They come in a variety of colors and styles, are practically maintenance free, with scratches not even showing and will look good for years.

» Vinyl Clad Windows

Double Hungs

This describes the common type of replacement window styles that have an upper and lower sash. The sides have separate grooves for each sash to move up or down vertically. Depending on the style the sashes can be moved at the same time to be partly open at top and bottom, or only one half at a time.

» Double Hungs

Single Hungs

Single hung vinyl windows used to be thought of as a poor quality replacement style. Today, homeowners have a number of good options for this economical and no frills window style.

» Single Hungs


These are typically longer horizontally than vertically and open with a sliding or gliding motion side-to-side. This differs significantly from most other popular styles that are taller than they are wide and open either up and down or outwards.

» Vinyl Sliders

Vinyl vs Aluminum

Compare these window frames in terms of durability and strength, looks and style, ratings and energy efficiency, and pricing and overall value.

» Vinyl vs Aluminum

Vinyl vs Composites

Considering vinyl and composites for your replacement project? Read our comparison series where we match up top window frames in 4 key categories.

» Vinyl vs Composite Windows

Vinyl vs Fiberglass

How do these two styles stack up against one another? We do a side by side comparison so you can see the pros and cons of each of these popular frame materials.

» Vinyl vs Fiberglass

Vinyl vs Wood

Vinyl frames are one of the most affordable options and are also the easiest to maintain so they are a very popular choice. Vinyl will never need any painting, nor does it warp, peel or chip. Scratches are almost unnoticeable as the vinyl is the same color all the way through.

» Vinyl vs Wood

Comparisons By Industry Experts

Examine how the top manufacturers' products stack up against one another according to leading industry experts.

» Vinyl Replacement Windows Comparison

Vinyl Replacements

These have become increasingly popular due to the attributes that vinyl or uPVC offers to homeowners. Vinyl windows are actually made out of PVC, also known as polyvinyl chloride.

» Vinyl Replacement Windows

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