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Okna Window Reviews

Read Okna window reviews on their windows and series such as the 400, 500, 800 and Starmark from installers and homeowners who know their products and services. For more general pricing information, see our vinyl replacement window cost calculator Explore Okna windows prices.

Page Last Updated July, 2014

Editor's Okna Windows Review

Okna has a very good reputation amongst contractors and installers, while the average consumer has probably never heard of them before. They aren't available on the West Coast, but have a good presence in the mid west and north east regions of the country. All four of their window series are considered good, although the 500 and 800 series would be recommended over their "entry level" 400 series. Assuming quality installation, homeowners will be doing well with an Okna window, which combines quality design and craftsmanship with a nice looking vinyl window.

One item that is often confusing is how they are related to Himark windows - HiMark essentially sells the exact same windows, but requires customers to use their certified and trainer installers. This insures proper and thorough installation, but also adds to the cost of the install itself. Check our our HiMark window pricing page for additional information.

Editor - from 2014

Okna or Harvey

I am busy replacing windows in my PA home and have been reading all the Harvey window reviews. It's around thirty five windows and my contractor is recommending the Harvey Tribute windows. Personally I like Okna, especially the 500 and 800 series. I like the Okna for the performance ratings, but they look great and strong. I saw the Tributes today for the first time and was impressed with the finishes available, they come with self-cleaning, triple panes, fills and so much, the quote for these came in at $390 fully installed. Some of the windows in the home are smaller and those are slightly cheaper, but not much. I want to make the right decision here, so if anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated.

Max - Homeowner in Pennsylvania - from 2012

[Contractor Response]

I would recommend the Okna 500, personally I think it is one of the best choices available on the market today. Harvey don't make a bad window, but they are in a different league to Okna, Okna is considered the crème de la crème of windows. If I were you I would contact a few dealers and see who will offer the best deal. Ensure your contractor has a good reputation with windows, if he is going to cut corners in any way to get the job done quickly, it could cause problems for you later on. You want a good window with a good installation job.

Harry - Contractor in Wisconsin - from 2012

[2nd Response]

Harvey Tribute is a good window, but you can't compare it to Okna. Okna 500's come with a .25 U-Factor, a 50 DP structural rating and a .02 AI rating. Harvey on the other hand has a .30 U-Factor, 30 DP rating and more than .01 AI rating.

Michael - Contractor in New Jersey - from 2012

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