Jeld Wen Windows Reviews & Opinions


Jeld Wen Windows Reviews & Opinions

Read Jeld Wen windows reviews from customers, installers, contractors and consumers who have worked or purchased or installed their products in the past.

Jeld-Wen vs. Simonton

I've been going through the Jeld-Wen window reviews trying to find information. I have narrowed down my window search to the Simonton Prism Platinum windows and the Jeld-Wen vinyl windows. Overall there are quite a few replacement windows I need which include a slider, two picture windows and seventeen double hung windows. As far as I can see the performance numbers, benefits and features are very similar and price isn't my concern. What I want is a high quality window that will last.

Myrna - Past Customer - 2009

[Contractors Reply]

I would recommend the Simonton windows, they are strong, durable and seldom have problems. Even though they are slightly more expensive than the Jeld-Wen windows, you did mention price isn't a concern, therefore I would say go with Simonton, you won't be disappointed.

Ralph - Installer - Texas - 2009

Torn between PlyGem and Jeld-Wen

I could really do with some advice. I want Energy Star rated windows so I can get the federal tax rebate. So far I am torn between Jeld-Wen and PlyGem. I live in Idaho so the windows must be able to handle our weather patterns. Any advice is appreciated.

Lynda - Past Customer - Idaho - 2009

[Contractors Reply]

Personally, I wouldn't go for either of those two. While they may not be the worst on the market, they are definitely not the best. PlyGem can be good, depending on which series you are looking at. PlyGem is slightly better than Jeld-Wen. I would suggest that you carry on looking at the window companies in your area and see what else is available.

Melvin - Installer - 2009

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Jeld Wen Windows Complaint

I made the mistake of buying Jeld-Wen windows from Home Depot. I have had ongoing problems with these windows since they were installed. One of them was already damaged when it arrived, they replaced it, but that was also damaged. They were both returned to the company. Then the sliders didn't slide in the right direction, one was even narrower than the measurements given. I have wasted so much time with these and while we have been given refunds and discounts, it doesn't make this right. Firstly they should package their windows properly. Luckily for them they have a good customer services team, otherwise I would be throwing these back at them right now.

Kevin - Past Customer - Texas - 2010

Bad Customer Experience

I have a beautiful Victorian home and needed some quality wood custom windows made, which I bought these through Jeld-Wen. What a nightmare, never again. The problems have been endless. The glass has cracked in three windows during the very first winter they were installed and the warranty didn't cover it. I had to pay over $1,000 for new glass. I was horrified that Jeld-Wen don't stand behind their own product, what bad service. I would not recommend these windows to anyone.

Renee - Past Customer - DC - 2010

Jeld-Wen or Pella

When I was replacing my windows I was on the verge of signing for Jeld-Wens. I drove past a Pella showroom and decided to pop in and I am so glad I did. The windows were fantastic, they were such good quality and were cheaper than the Jeld-Wen's I was about to get. Eventually I went with the Pella Architect, which has the extruded aluminum, which I believe is better than the rolled which came with the Jeld-Wen windows. Overall I am thrilled with my decision.

Devin - Past Customer - 2010

Great Windows

When price is no object then go with Soft-Lite, Sunrise or Gorell. They are such a better option than Jeld-Wen or Milgard. They come with excellent energy efficiency and are made to last.

Gavin - Installer - 2012

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