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Harvey Window Reviews

Read Harvey window reviews on their most popular models such as the Classic and Tribute series from informed homeowners and contractors.

Tribute or Okna – Advice Needed

I am busy replacing windows in my PA home and have been reading all the Harvey reviews. It's around thirty five windows and my contractor is recommending the Harvey Tribute windows. Personally I like Okna, especially the 500 and 800 series. I like the Okna for the performance ratings, but they look great and strong. I saw the Tributes today for the first time and was impressed with the finishes available, they come with self-cleaning, triple panes, fills and so much, the quote for these came in at $390 fully installed. Some of the windows in the home are smaller and those are slightly cheaper, but not much. I want to make the right decision here, so if anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated.

Max - Homeowner in Pennsylvania - from 2012

[Contractor Response]

I would recommend the Okna 500, personally I think it is one of the best choices available on the market today. Harvey doesn't make a bad window, but they are in a different league to Okna, Okna is considered the crème de la crème of windows. If I were you I would contact a few dealers and see who will offer the best deal. Ensure your contractor has a good reputation with windows, if he is going to cut corners in any way to get the job done quickly, it could cause problems for you later on. You want a good window with a good installation job.

Harry - Contractor in Wisconsin - from 2012

[2nd Response]

Harvey Tribute is a good window, but you can't compare it to Okna windows. Okna 500's come with a .25 U-Factor, a 50 DP structural rating and a .02 AI rating. Harvey on the other hand has a .30 U-Factor, 30 DP rating and more than .01 AI rating.

Michael - Contractor in New Jersey - from 2012

American Jewels or Harvey

I am looking at window companies right now and have narrowed down my search to Harvey Tributes and American Jewel windows. Whichever I go with they must be good quality that will last. I spoke to the American Jewels dealer and the windows I need are 36 x 45 inch and apparently I can't get these as casements, which means I will be forced to go with sliders if I choose this range.

Lucas - Homeowner - from 2012

[Contractor Response]

Harvey is a great window in all aspects over the American range. Harvey offers a good service and they are high quality windows, you will not be disappointed.

Wayne - Contractor - from 2012

[2nd Response]

My concern is that American Jewel is limited in size. Any window company that is that limited on windows of that size would be a concern to me. There are so many other options available on the market. Harvey would not be my first choice, but they are an improvement over the American Jewel. It may be worthwhile you doing some more research into other companies that supply in your area to see who can provide you with a high quality casement in the size you need.

Brian - Installer - from 2012

Harvey Tribute and Sunrise Restoration

I am so excited because we are about to start renovating our home, which will include replacing all the double hung windows, along with some smaller windows in the bathroom and basement. We are starting with upstairs and I have quotes from Harvey and Sunrise. The Sunrise Restorations have come in at $465 per double hung window, $420 for the slider in the kitchen and $250 for the basement hoppers. Harvey were slightly more at $490, $450 and £390. Does anyone have any advice on which one to choose? Quality is more important than price, I want these windows to last.

Tina - Homeowner - from 2011

[Installer Response]

Sunrise is a decent window and the prices you have given are really good if they include installation. Harvey isn't as good as Sunrise, but is still a decent window.

Barry - Installer - from 2011

Harvey or MI for Connecticut House?

I am busy replacing the windows in my Connecticut home. I really like the look of the MI and the Harvey Windows. The existing windows are MI and have been there for three years already. The windows I need now are for an extension, so they need to match to ensure the outside of the home looks the same. I am just wondering if Harvey is a better choice over MI or should I stick with what I know?

Nancy - Homeowner in Connecticut - from 2010

[Installer Response]

Harvey is a really good window and I've never encountered any problems with them. MI is considered a low end window and have poor quality. If you are trying to match perfectly and happy with what you have, then you can go with MI, but Harvey is a better choice.

Harry - Installer - from 2010

Which is Better - Harvey or HiMark?

I recently got two estimates for twenty one replacement windows which include caps and colonial grids. They did not come in cheap and I need to know which is the better choice. The Harvey Classics are coming in at $550 per window, Simonton 5500 and the HiMark DX400 are coming in at $585 and the HiMark DX800 are coming in at $630 per window.

John - Homeowner - from 2010

[Contractor Response]

If it was up to me I would go with HiMark. I think they are a superior window and the DX800 is probably one of the best windows on the market. They are much better in terms of energy efficiency, design and appearance. Simonton is also a better choice over Harvey. Go with HiMark if you intend staying in your house for a few more years, they will live up to your expectations.

Rob - Contractor - from 2010

Harvey Okna and Gorell

Can anyone help me with the estimates I received for fourteen double hung windows, a slider and a bay window? The Harvey Tribute price came in at $8,000 for all of them, which I thought was quite reasonable. Then I started looking at Okna and Gorell, I believe these are good quality windows and now I am not sure what to go with.

Cam - Homeowner - from 2010

[Contractor Response]

Harvey is considered an OK window, but Okna and Gorell are so much better. Basically you get what you pay for. You may find by paying more for a quality window your installation is reduced because contractors will prefer working with good quality where they don't have so many problems during the installation process.

Harry - Contractor in Wisconsin - from 2010

Harvey and Alside Estimates

I am busy replacing two bay windows and twelve double hung windows. I already have estimates from Harvey for their Classic range and Alside for their Excalibur range. The prices are varied with Harveys at $8,700 and Alsides coming in at $7,500. I want to know if the extra price is worth it if I go with Harvey or if I am better off with Alside.

Bryan - Homeowner in Massachusetts - from 2009

[Contractor Response]

That is a good price for the Harvey windows and I would go with that. I wouldn't touch Alside windows even if they were the cheapest on the market. Steer clear and go with a window you know will last.

Wayne - Contractor - from 2009

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