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American Jewel Window Reviews

Read American Jewel window reviews on their popular windows and models from contractors and homeowners who can offer opinions on their quality and service.

Harvey or American Jewel

I am looking at window companies right now and have narrowed down my search to Harvey Tributes and American Jewels. Whichever I go with they must be good quality that will last. I spoke to the American Jewels dealer and the windows I need are 36 x 45 inch and apparently I can't get these as casements, which means I will be forced to go with sliders if I choose this range.

Lucas - Homeowner - from 2012

[Contractor Response]

Harvey is a great window in all aspects over the American range. Harvey offers a good service and they are high quality windows, you will not be disappointed.

Wayne - Contractor - from 2012

[2nd Response]

My concern is that American Jewel is limited in size. Any window company that is that limited on windows of that size would be a concern to me. There are so many other options available on the market. Harvey would not be my first choice, but they are an improvement over the American Jewel. It may be worthwhile you doing some more research into other companies that supply in your area to see who can provide you with a high quality casement in the size you need.

Brian - Installer - from 2012

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