Understanding A Vinyl Window Warranty


Understanding A Vinyl Window Warranty

When it comes to a vinyl window warranty, the simpler and more straightforward the better. The good thing is that every credible manufacturer should have a pdf copy on their website - if they don't you should move on to a company that does. Find out what consumers and industry experts consider the best vinyl replacement windows.

Basics Of A Vinyl Window Warranty

A reputable window company will cover any manufacturing defects for at least 10 to 15 years from the date of installation (many will cover this over the lifetime of the original owner). Often, transfers of ownership will change the vinyl window warranty to a schedule where companies are responsible for say 100% of the replacement cost for the first 8 years, 75% from years 8-12, 50% from years 12-15 and so on. This is one way that the manufacturer gets out of their responsibility towards the homeowner. This is why it is so important to find a really good manufacturer and installer.

Complete Vinyl Window Warranty

A complete warranty is one in which the company that sells you their windows also installs them. The advantages here are that the installers know the product well and the installation procedures perfectly, which usually means a good install. The other advantage is that if anything goes wrong, there is little question who is responsible. The downside is that the homeowner often pays more for this service - Champion windows as a good example of the pros and cons of this approach.

Warranty Exclusions

Warranties are intended to protect the manufacturer not the consumer. It is written by lawyers to insure that they protect themselves from any issue that should arise - that is why there is a specific section on exclusions. Always read about the homeowners responsibility to register their product within a certain amount of time. If you don't do this, you are ineligible to take advantage of the warranty. Also read the specific procedure that you need to go through if you do have a warranty claim so that you know exactly what to do (and how hard they have made it) if a problem comes up.

General Advise For A Vinyl Window Warranty

Homeowners should never need to use their warranty. Selecting a good manufacturer and installer will hoefully insure this. However, if you do need to use it, do your research on the company and read vinyl window reviews from past customers to make sure that the company handled the issues fairly and with reasonable promptness.

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