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Vinyl Window Cost Calculator

Our vinyl window cost calculator, here at the right ----> is a free pricing estimator to help you price out your next vinyl replacement windows project.

Vinyl Window Cost Calculator

Using our vinyl window cost calculator is easy and requires just a few simple steps. Just follow the instructions below:

1. Window Type

Select the vinyl window styles or type that you are interested in for the cost calculator to use as a basis for determining cost.

2. Frame Style

To further refine your price, add the frame style (i.e., double hung, casement, etc.) The cost calculator will combine the type and frame style to provide a base price for your selected window. This doesn't provide an exact price, since vinyl window companies price out their windows differently, but it makes it easier for you to compare various types and frame styles to give you an idea of what each will cost. So, for example, if you want to see what a vinyl double-hung will cost, you will select the frame style as double hung (which will add $150 to the cost) and the type as vinyl (which will add $100 to the cost) – giving you a base price of $250.

3. Window Manufacturer

This step doesn't have you selecting specific manufacturers, but rather you'll be choosing whether you want an entry level, mid-range or high-end manufacturer. The base price already provided assumes that you are going with an entry-level product. Mid-range options will multiply the base price by 1.5 and high-end options will multiple the base price by 2.75, giving you a more accurate ideas of vinyl replacement windows prices from these manufacturers.

4. Window Installation Cost

This step is somewhat difficult to pin down, based on who is doing your installation, but in order to provide you with a relatively accurate cost estimate, our vinyl window cost calculator makes a few assumptions about pricing. This is how window installation cost is factored into the calculation:

DIY Installation Cost - $25 per – If you are installing the windows yourself, its estimated that you will need $25 in additional materials per window to complete the installation.

Professional Installation - This figure depends on what manufacturer level you chose in the last step, since most consumers that select higher end windows also opt for higher level installation services to make sure they get the most out of their more expensive windows. This might not be totally accurate, but is based on the best assumption we can make for purposes of the calculator. Therefore, professional installation for entry-level windows is $100, for mid-range is $175 and for high-end is $250. These are all per unit estimates.

5. Number Of Windows

Simply enter the number of windows you are interested in and it will multiply the per window cost (including installation) by the number of windows selected. Of course, this doesn't account for quantity pricing discounts, but is a good place to start when estimating the total vinyl replacement windows cost.

How To Get The Best Results

We encourage you to play around with various options by using the calculator to see how it affects your pricing. Then you can start to get a better idea of what type of windows you are interested in and move forward to get more accurate pricing on just the type or types of windows that you are most interested in. Otherwise, there are so many options to choose from that you may not know where to begin the process. Just keep in mind that other options, such as energy efficient coatings, gas fills, etc., are not factored specifically into the pricing estimates, but it is assumed that the higher the manufacturer range you select, the more upgrades and options the windows will include.

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