How To Install Replacement Vinyl Windows | Guide To Installation


How To Install Replacement Vinyl Windows

Interested in how to install replacement vinyl windows? Our guide to installation can provide you with everything you need to know when it comes to replacement vinyl windows. Click for additional pricing and estimate information.

Tools To Install Replacement Vinyl Windows

Tape Measure & Level

Utility Knife & Reciprocating Saw

Awl, chisel or pick

Pry bar & Wood shims

Caulking gun and caulk

Drop cloth

Hammer, nail set and finishing nails

Window Themselves

Step 1

Look over your replacement windows and check that they are all the right size and have no defects. Go over your tools list and enlist the help of an extra pair of hands. Once that's done you're all set to start on the installation.

Step 2

From the inside of the house, take out the inside window stops and keep them safely to reuse later. Remove the window and window sash. If there are nails holding the sash in position, you will need to cut through them. Check for any signs of rot in the window frame with an awl, pick or chisel. Remove any old caulk and take out any protruding nails. Leave any exterior trim or siding in place. Replacement installation, unlike new construction window installation, does not need you to remove the exterior trim or siding. You will be installing the windows from the inside and they should easily fit into the existing window opening without too much work on the window area.

Step 3

Fit the replacement window into the opening to make sure it will fit in the opening. Take the window out again. Put a thin bead of caulk along the bottom of the window sill and along the inside edge of the outside window stops.

Step 4

Place the replacement window back in the frame and add shims so that the window fits well. Check to make sure the window is square and plumb. Then check once more to make sure the window is square and plumb! See if any adjustments need to be made and that the window is perfectly positioned. It should be positioned in the center and be plumb and square. Use your level to check this and measure from corner to corner.

Step 5

Take the inside window stops that you removed in Step 2 and re-install them to hold the window firmly in position. You'll need 1½" finishing nails to hold the stops and set the nails. The last step inside is to put a bead of caulk around the edge where the stops meet the window frame.

Step 6

Now the inside is done, so it's time to go outside. Check that the slope of the window frame is the same as the slope of the sill. The window should come with an insert to use if there is a gap. Or use a piece of wood to cover any gaps. Get your caulk out one last time and seal the seams where the frame and insert meet.

Step 7

Congratulate yourself on saving yourself a fair bit of money with your successful installation!

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