How to Clean a Vinyl Window


How to Clean a Vinyl Window


how to clean a vinyl window can help you to extend the life of your windows. When they are clean and well cared for they last longer and look better. Proper care can prevent you from damaging them accidentally.

How To Clean Vinyl Windows

Most people think that they can clean a window. It's important to do it correctly, however, to avoid damaging it accidentally. The wrong chemicals or harsh cleaners can weaken the materials. Rough handling can cause problems with the seal, gliding motion, or other structures as well.


Harsh cleaners aren't suitable for vinyl windows. A soft washcloth can be used to clean the glass and frame. Rough materials like paper towels and cleaning pads can cause scratches and damage the finish. Most dirt and debris can be cleaned with diluted dish soap. Mold and mildew can usually be treated with a mixture of 3 parts vinegar to 7 parts water. For tough stains and removing debris such as gum, Soft Scrub cleanser works well.


To prevent mold and mildew, treating the window frame with the vinegar/water mixture is effective. Murphy's Oil Soap can be used on the frame also, to keep it looking new and reduce the chance of staining.


It's important to clean the top part of the window first. When the top is cleaned after the bottom, debris and dirt fall onto the clean surface. Make sure the window is closed properly after cleaning. For the exterior of upper floors, pressure washing can cause problems with the seal and should only be done by professionals.

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