Vinyl Window Installation Cost


Vinyl Window Installation Cost

Vinyl window installation cost will range from $50 to $250 per opening for standard single hung, double hung, casements or slider windows. For relatively standard opening, expect the range to be closer to $75 to $125 per window. This should include an aluminum window wrap, good insulation or foam and inserting stops. Large picture, garden or bay windows will be more expensive - somewhere in the $700 to $1000 range.

Entry Level Install

Homeowners need to be somewhat wary of replacement installation that comes in under $50 an opening. If you are paying bargain basement prices, you are probably getting shoddy installation - screws through the frame, some insulation tossed around the frame and simple caulking inside and out. Poor installation is the cause of most of the horror stories that appear on online forums with window frames that crack or bend, let in air and/or water and provide very little insulation to the home. $125 per opening should get you adequate installation depending on the project specifics.

Price Range: $50 - $125 per window

Standard Install

Most window contractor's vinyl window installation cost is $125 to $175 an opening. They will involve removing the old window, inserting a sill pan on the bottom level, proper caulking, quality shims and leveling

Price Range: $125 - $175 per window

Full Frame Install

Premium vinyl window installation cost will start at $175 and shouldn't exceed $250 per window. This top end pricing would have to include work to replace or repair issues with the rough opening, jambs and/or sills. This should definitely include a quality bottom layer sill pan, aluminum window wrap, foam in the visible cavity and new sills and stops.

Price Range: $175 - $250 per window

Average Vinyl Window Installation Cost

Basic Replacement: $75 to $100

Replacement Including Sills & Stops: $130 to $160

Replacement On Historic Homes: $200 to $225

Full Frame Replacement: $175 - $250

New Construction: $250 to $350

Bay Windows Replacement: $700 to $1000

Bow Windows Replacement: $750 to $1000

Wrapping A Window: $50

Wrapping Bays & Bows: $200

Replacing The Exterior Trim: $75

Replacing The Interior Trim: $75

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