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Vinyl Window Prices

Vinyl window prices range from $200 to $750 for both the window and the cost to install it. Costs vary based on which manufacturer you select, the glass package, the style or type of window you choose, the features and upgrades, the size and dimensions and how difficult or simple the installation.

-- Price Range: $200 to $750 Full Installed--

Entry Level Vinyl Window

Most entry level vinyl windows can be found within the $125 to $200 range. These can be found at stores like Home Depot or Lowes and often come in a limited selection of styles and sizes. Most entry level products include double paned glass and possibly low-e glass, although clear glass is common as well. The styles available are typically single-hungs, fixed frame or horizontal gliding windows.

-- Price Range: $100 to $200 (Window Only) --

Mid Range Vinyl Window

Mid-range or standard replacement pricing will fall into the $200 to $350 range. These windows will come in more common styles, such as double hungs, casement windows and awnings and will be sold by a variety of mid-range window manufacturers. The features will typically include a selection of energy efficient features, such as better R and U values, UV coatings, low-e glass and even argon or krypton gas fills.

-- Price Range: $200 to $350 (Window Only) --

High End Vinyl Window

The best vinyl windows run $350 to $550 for the window itself and are available from top manufacturers. They will come in a wide selection of styles and with many energy efficient features. Expect to see features such as gas fills (krypton), superior R and U values, foam insulation and super spacers, etc. High end selections will also usually have more aesthetic options and high quality metal hardware.

-- Price Range: $350 to $550 (Window Only) --

Installation Prices

Installation costs can run as little as $50 a window for very simple inserts, to as much as $400 per opening for a complete tear out. Here is a general overview of typical installation prices for vinyl windows, depending on what you need done:

Inserts: $50 - $75 per window

Standard Replacement: $75 - $150 per window

Complete Tear Outs: $200 - $400 per window

Complete Entry Level Vinyl Window

Completely installed entry level vinyl windows will run anywhere from $200 to $350 per window or opening. Consumers should probably stay away from the lower range of this price point if they are looking for long term value. Once you get into the $300 plus range, there are some decent options that you can consider.

-- Price Range: $200 to $350 Installed --

Recommended Manufacturers

Great Lakes
Jeld Wen

Completed Mid Range Vinyl Window

Completely installed mid range vinyl windows will run anywhere from $350 to $550 per window or opening. It in this mid range price point that consumers will find the best bang for their buck. Most of the good manufacturers have three lines of vinyl windows and the mid and premium model typically use the same frame and many of the same components. This means that you are getting the best design and craftsmanship from a particular manufacturers, but not the upgraded features that often come standard on their high end models. -- Price Range: $350 to $550 Installed --

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Completed High End Vinyl Window

Completely installed high end vinyl windows will run anywhere from $550 to $750 per window or opening. Most of the window series in this price point are the premium or top end line from the manufacturers. Often, they include some nice bells and whistles that are upgrades to their mid range window series. Check out our picks for the best vinyl windows. -- Price Range: $550 to $750 Installed --

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