Vinyl Replacement Windows Costs & Benefits


Vinyl Windows Costs & Benefits

Vinyl replacement window costs may seem high at first, but they actually offer better long term value than nearly every other window framing materials (assuming you buy a decent window and get solid installation). Explore some general cost information and see about some of the benefits that they offer.

Vinyl Replacement Windows Cost

Find a sample price range for the top 7 most popular styles of residential windows. This pricing is for the window and professional installation.

Fixed Frame Windows -- $100 to $800 fully installed --

Single Hung Windows -- $150 to $700 fully installed --

Horizontal Sliders -- $175 to $750 fully installed --

Double Hungs -- $225 to $950 fully installed --

Awning Windows -- $350 to $750 fully installed --

Casements: -- $350 to $750 fully installed --

Bay Window: -- $800 to $5,000 fully installed --

Installation Costs

Installation account for roughly 1/3 the overall price tag of your project. For the most part, homeowners can expect to pay $75 to $150 for normal window replacement installation. It is generally better to leave installation to a professional unless you have lots of experience of installing replacement windows yourself.

Benefits Of Vinyl Windows

Federal Tax Credit

A small portion of vinyl replacement windows prices can immediately be offset by claiming a Federal Tax Credit. Most new windows that increase your home's energy efficiency qualify for up to $1500 in tax credit. This gives you a deduction of that amount straight from your tax bill, so it's like extra cash in your pocket.

Energy Savings

Replacement windows increase the energy efficiency of your home. And this isn't just good news for the environment, it's good news for your pocket. Typically the improved energy efficiency delivered by replacement windows saves homeowners between 10 and 25% from their annual energy bills. The actual amount saved varies, depending on how efficient the new windows are and how draughty the old ones were.

Home Value Increase

Replacing your windows is a valuable home improvement project when it comes to increasing the value of your home. When you are ready to sell you will often recoup a big chunk (87% according to HGTV) by achieving a higher price for your home. Plus new, good looking windows, that are also energy efficient, will make your home more attractive to buyers and help your sell it faster, so all in all it is a great return of investment.

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