Sunrise Window Prices | Find Vinyl Window Pricing & Costs


Sunrise Window Prices | Find Vinyl Window Pricing & Costs

Sunrise window prices range from $350 - $700 which includes the cost of installation. Most window installers give this company and their vinyl windows a good to excellent rating for a high quality product and customer service. Their windows include a lifetime warranty which does include glass breakage.

Entry Level: $350 to $450 installed

The entry level window from Sunrise is their Essentials, which has a different sash and extrusion from their standard model (simply called the Sunrise, which is confusing). The window comes as a sliding, double hung or picture window and isn't offered in many colors or options. Performance wise, this is what we found - a U-factor of 0.30 (average), an Air Infiltration of 0.10 (decent), an SHGC of 0.26 and a Visible Transmittance of 0.56 (again average). Similar products include the Gorell 5000 and the Milgard Tuscany.

Mid Range: $450 to $550 installed

Sunrise offers two window series that we lump together in their mid range products; their standard model and the Vanguard. The standard Sunrise has a better extrusion than the Essentials, is available in more colors and hardware options, including a better tilt lock sash mechanism. Similar product is the Classic Series from Soft-Lite. A step up from the standard Sunrise is the Verde, which adds another chamber into the vinyl extrusion and is all foam filled (adds some to the overall strength). The Verde also includes a foam wrap as well as Solar clean glass. You can compare the performance numbers to their base model - the Verde clocks in with a U-factor of 0.28 and SHGC of 0.21.

Mid Range: $550 to $700 installed

Sunrise offers two window series that we consider their high end products; the Vanguard and the venerated Restorations series. The Vanguard is an upgraded model from their standard from, which includes an upgraded lever lock and reinforced sash. It is a nice window, but not as solid as their Restorations. The Restorations has the reinforced sash, a great spacer (Max Edge), an upgraded tilt lock mechanism and a screen with great transparency. What is great about this window is its narrow frame and strength - not to mention alot of installers and homeowners think it's one of the best looking vinyl windows on the market. Performance wise, it is one of the best on the market with a U-factor of 0.28 and air infiltration of 0.04. A similar product to the Restoration is the Okna 800.

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