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Sliding Windows Prices

Sliding windows prices start at $125 and top out at $700 - this price includes both the window itself and the installation. There are many variables that affect the cost, including how large a window you purchase, the type and quality of the frame, the glass package you go with and how simple or complex the installation requirements.

Sliding Windows Prices (Window Cost Only)

Entry Level Sliding Windows Prices: $75 - $150

Entry sliding windows prices range from $75 to $150 (these are mostly from home improvement megastores such as Home Depot). At this price point, you can buy a small or medium sized low grade vinyl window. The choices will be limited or non existent in terms of color and hardware options. The glass package will also be lower end and not very energy efficient.

Mid Grade: $150 - $350

Mid grade sliding windows prices range from $150 to $350 (often offered as the premium line from lower end manufacturers, the mid grade or the lower end products from well known national window manufacturers). Most of these will still be vinyl windows with good extrusions and more chambers for added strength over the builder or entry level options. You can expect more options for frame colors and higher quality hardware pieces such as levers and locking mechanisms. Certainly the glass package will be a step up and will probably include low-e glass and some type of fill.

Premium Or High End: $350 - $500

High end sliding windows prices range from $350 to $500. This price point will emcompass larger sliders that will use strong extrusions from a high end vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass or a composite material. It will include top of the line hardware options and glass package (certainly low-e double paned glass, spacer systems or high quality gass fills). More additional pricing information, try our vinyl window price estimator.

Sliding Windows Prices

Installation Cost: $50 to $200

Installation pricing will run from $50 to $200 per opening. Replacement windows that can simply be inserted into the existing opening may cost only $50 to $75 an opening. For more complicated project that require frame or changes to the size of the opening, homeowners can expect pricing to be closer to $150 to $200 an opening.

Sliding Windows Prices (Total Project Cost)

Entry Level: $125 - $225

Entry level sliders installed range from $125 to $225. This level of window often has issues after several years, although with good installation even low price windows can perform adequately. This price point is not recommended for homeowners who live in extreme climates because you cannot expect good energy efficiency.

Mid Range: $225 - $450

Mid range sliders installed range from $225 to $450. Mid grade vinyl sliders with good installation is usually adequate for most homeowners, unless you live in very extreme weather. Homeowners can expect the window to last for some 20 years and provide good insulation and protection.

Premium Or High End: $450 - $700

High end sliders installed range from $450 to $700. These will typically last the longest and have the least amount of issues with hardware or rollers (although proper installation is a must at any level). They will usually look the best as well due to the stronger frame material - although they obviously require greater upfront out-of-pocket cost.

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