Simonton Window Prices


Simonton Window Prices

Simonton window prices are in the mid range of the industry and range from $325 to $700 installed. The company has a good reputation for selling a solid product. They are often compared to a Ford car, nothing fancy, but a solid product that looks good. Interestingly, Simon window prices almost exactly mirror the basic range of vinyl windows, which is often quoted at $300 to $700 installed.

Simonton Window Prices

Entry Level: $325 to $450 installed

Entry level Simonton window prices range from $325 to $450 installed. In all likelihood, this will be their Impressions Series, which is a vinyl replacement that is sold in home improvement stores. Simonton sells other lower end vinyls under some different labels, but they are all generally the same. The performance numbers are just ok, along with the workmanship. If you have to go low end (not recommended for most homeowners), this isn't the worst brand. Proper installation is a must though with just so-so windows to avoid issues with air infiltration.

Mid Range: $450 - $650 installed

Mid range Simonton window prices range from $450 to $650 installed. This price range will probably be their Reflections, which are their high end vinyl replacements. There are lots of upgrades to consider that can increase the energy efficiency of the windows, principal among these is upgraded low-e glass and spacers. Paying something in the $500 to $550 range per window installed will get you a solid window. You can always find forums with horror stories on Simonton windows - poor installation was probably repsonsible for 80% to 90% of these issues.

Simonton Window Prices

Installation: $100 to $175

This will range from $50 to $300 per opening for standard single hung, double hung, casements or slider windows. For relatively standard opening, expect the range to be closer to $100 to $175 per window. This should include an aluminum window wrap, good insulation or foam and reinserting the stops and sills where applicable. More on vinyl window installation costs.

Premium: $650 - $750 installed

Premium Simonton window prices range from $650 to $750 installed. This price range will probably be for the Prism Series, which is a custom replacement that has good performance numbers and energy efficiency features. Also in this cost range are the Stormbreaker Series, Simonton's storm windows that are impact resistant and made to withstand high winds etc. As with all the price ranges, proper installation will help to maximize the energy efficient qualities of the windows.

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