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HiMark Window Prices

HiMark window prices are towards the higher end of the vinyl window market; ranging from $400 to $750 fully installed. HiMark sells three window lines that are identical to Okna; in fact, they are the same windows. HiMark, however, sells their products using a limited numbers of distributors add requires their owned factory trained installers. The result is one of the best vinyl windows on the market and high quality installation -- consumers will pay for the privilege, but can also rest assure that they are buying good replacement windows.

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HiMark 400 Window

The HiMark 400 is their entry level model, although for a "low end" window series, it's one of the best. The upgraded Deluxe package delivers quite impressive numbers - .05 Air Infiltration, .28 U-factor and .30 SHGC. This window will run you $425 to $475 for a normal sized double hung fully installed. The 400 series uses the same frame that you'll find on the 500, but lacks the upgrades and add ons of the more expensive models.

Comparable to the Sunrise window frame.

-- Price Range: $425 to $475 fully installed --

HiMark 500 Window

The HiMark 500 is their mid range window that comes as either a replacement or in new construction form. The 500 includes some nice upgrades, including a stronger sill wall, glass package and spacer, to name a few. These upgrades will help with the performance numbers; .02 Air Infiltration, .25 U-factor and .28 SHGC.

Comparable to the Gorell 5300 window.

-- Price Range: $525 to $575 fully installed --

HiMark 800 Window

The HiMark 800 is the premium window from HiMark and is often mentioned in the conversation for top vinyl windows in the country. Not only is it a very nice looking window, it also offers some outstanding numbers; .01 Air Infiltration, .26 U-factor and .27 SHGC. The Deluxe package upgrade delivers nearly unbeatable performance numbers. The window has a .080 thick frame for good strength, lots of color and finish options and some very nice hardware options as well.

Comparable to the Okna 800 window.

-- Price Range: $675 to $750 fully installed --

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