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Amerimax Window Prices

Amerimax window prices are at the upper end of the vinyl window cost range. The company offers mid to high quality vinyl window lines that range in price from $400 to $700 installed. This assumes a cost of installation of $125 to $250 per opening for Amerimax windows. For additional pricing information, click on our pricing calculator.

-- Windows Only: $275 – $500 --

-- Cost Of Install: $125 – $200 --

-- Fully Installed: $400 – $700 --

Entry Level Pricing

Entry level Amerimax window prices will probably be their Masters Grande window in either a double hung or slider. This window is just OK (most entry level windows are OK at best) and you would need to make sure the installation is perfect to avoid issues down the road.

-- $400 to $500 installed --

Mid Range Pricing

Mid range Amerimax window prices will usually get their Craftsman Series that has a single movable sash (single hung) that has multi chambers in the vinyl frame for increased strength.

-- $500 to $600 installed --

High End Pricing

Their high end product line is the Aristocrat Series, which is produced mainly as a casement, although they also offer awning and picture window options. This window has great sightlines with a thinner frame and comes with a very nice glass package and hardware features.

-- $600 to $700 installed --

Past Customer Bids & Pricing

14 Double Hungs
Cost: $625 each
Included installation.
Location: California
Year Of Project: 2011

12 Large Sliders
Price: $525 each
Included installation.
Location: California
Year Of Project: 2009

6 Large Single Hungs
Costs: $700 each
Included installation.
Location: California
Year Of Project: 2009

8 Standard Sized Single Hungs
Prices: $475 each
Included installation.
Location: Arizona
Year Of Project: 2007

20 Single Hungs
Pricing: $650 each
Included installation.
Location: Oregon
Year Of Project: 2004

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