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Vinyl Window Pricing

Vinyl Window Pricing - how much do the vinyl replacement windows cost? The final price depends on several factors. Vinyl window pricing mostly fall into the $300 to $700 per opening range, which includes some type of professional installation. Costs vary based on which companies you select, the glass package, the type or style, the features a customer opts for, the dimensions and how difficult the installation process. Find a range of prices broken up into three categories, including entry level, mid range and high end pricing.


These are at the upper end of the vinyl window cost range. The company offers mid to high quality vinyl lines that range in price from $400 to $700 installed. This assumes a cost of installation of $125 to $250 per opening on average.

» Amerimax Prices


These range from $300 to $1100 for double hungs, which includes the product, materials and professional installation. Andersen offers numerous wood window lines (the 100 is a composite), including the 200, 400 and A-Series. The 100 is the least expensive (builder grade), the 200 and 400 are their mid grade versions...

» Andersen Costs


The prices run between $300 and $900 installed for their large number of vinyl styles and lines. This price range includes the cost of installation, which will run $125 – $250 per opening. Atrium makes a high quality high end product, but some industry experts feel that they are too expensive when compared to their competition.

» Atrium Window Prices


These run between $400 and $925 installed for their vinyl windows. This includes installation prices, which should run somewhere from $125 to $275 for standard replacements with stops and sills. Gorell makes a high quality vinyl product and has now teamed up with Soft-Lite to carry on their very solid tradition.

» Gorell Pricing

Great Lakes

These run from $400 to $850 installed. The company is generally thought to produce a high quality vinyl units in the mid to upper price range for this frame material. They are a regional manufacturer (owned by Ply Gem) that sells 4 lines, predominantly in the Northeast area.

» Great Lakes Prices


Harvey prices range from $325 to $800 installed for a standard double hung. Harvey is, for the most part, a mid range vinyl manufacturer, although they do offer the Majesty Series (premium wood clad frame) and Vigilance impact windows.

» Harvey Windows Prices


HiMark prices are towards the higher end of the vinyl market; ranging from $400 to $750 fully installed. HiMark sells three lines that are identical to Okna; in fact, they are the same windows. HiMark, however, sells their products using limited dealers that and they require their owned factory trained installers.

» HiMark Window Prices

Jeld Wen

- They range from $250 – $600 installed (for a double hung). Expect installation to run $125 to $175 for normal replacements. Jeld Wen sells most of their vinyls to builders as new construction and doesn't do as much in the replacement market. Their high end wood products get good marks.

» Jeld Wen Costs


These range from $350 - $850 installed (for casements or double hung). Milgard is known for their garden windows which probably run $1500 to $3500 installed. Milgard offers a range of series, from their Style Line vinyls to their Ultra aluminum frames and Essence wood frames so customers can expect a huge price range.

» Milgard Window Prices


Okna prices range from $400 to $750, which includes both the window itself and the cost on the install. Okna is considered one of the best vinyl manufacturers and most industry experts feel that the company produces excellent products. There are several installers that consider their high end Enviro Start 800 series DX the best vinyl window on the market.

» Okna Windows Prices


These are in the mid range of the industry and range from $325 to $700 installed. The company has a good reputation for selling a solid product. They are often compared to a Ford car, nothing fancy, but a solid product that looks good. Interestingly, Simon window prices almost exactly mirror the basic range of vinyl windows, which is often quoted at $300 to $700 installed.

» Simonton Prices


These range from $350 - $700 which includes the cost of installation. Most window installers give this company and their vinyl windows a good to excellent rating for a high quality product and customer service. Their windows include a lifetime warranty which does include glass breakage.

» Sunrise Pricing

Vinyl Window Prices By Style

Single Hungs

These range from $200-$550. This includes both the cost of the product as well as the installation. Find out more on product pricing, installation costs and project totals.

» Single Hung Window Prices

Horizontal Sliders

- These start at $125 and top out at $700 - this price includes both the prodcut itself and the installation. There are many variables that affect the cost, including how large a frame you purchase, the type and quality of the frame, the glass package you go with and how simple or complex the installation requirements.

» Sliding Windows Prices

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