Sunrise Vinyl Windows


Sunrise Vinyl Windows

Sunrise vinyl windows are considered very good by many if not most installers and industry experts. Some contractors didn't think the windows were particularly good before around 2004, but the quality has improved greater since that time. Sunrise vinyl windows are recommended by many window contractors as a good brand and very nice value product.

Basics Of Sunrise Vinyl Windows

Sunrise is a Michigan based company that carries three product lines; Essentials, Verde and the Restoration, all of which are available in a vinyl frame. The frame design on Sunrise vinyl windows tend to be thinner than most, allowing more glass or viewing area.

Sunrise Vinyl Windows Prices

Range: $400 to $750 installed

The company prices their products at the top of the vinyl window price range. This makes sense as the window package is also considered top of the line. An Essentials double hung installed will run about $450 (the omega12 glass upgrade costs an additional $115).

Sunrise Vinyl Window Products


The Sunrise Essentials is their entry level line and receives average marks from many installers. It uses a lighter frame than their more expensive products. (Average marks for an entry level product is fairly rare.)

Cost: $450 installed

Verde Line

The Sunrise Verde is a bit of a limited offering, although it is unclear whether this is still the case. The window comes with solar clean glass and stainless steel spacers. There is not a ton of information on these but they seem to be a solid window.

Cost: $550 installed

Restoration Line

The Restoration is Sunrise's premium window and has some additional features over the Verde Line. It comes standard with a reinforced window sashes, Omega12 glass package and is highly regarded on many of the online forums.

Cost: $600 installed

Sunrise Windows Warranty

Sunrise has a non-prorated transferable lifetime warranty. The warranty seems solid and the customer service from this company receives high marks.

Hardware / Parts Transferable, Lifetime

Frame / Sashes Transferable, Lifetime

Insulated Glass Transferable, Lifetime

Screens Transferable, Lifetime

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