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Simonton Vinyl Windows

Simonton vinyl windows provide an affordable, but not flashy option for most homeowners and consumers. The company sells nationwide through distributors and offers 3 main series of pre-built and custom windows in a variety of designs. The company is well known in the industry and they are often referred to as the Ford of the window industry - meaning they make a good sturdy product that gets the job done. Their windows are most closely on par with Amerimax and Atrium.

History Of The Company

Simonton was founded in 1946 and the company spent decades working on their product lines before finding vinyl designs that could perform to their standards. Early vinyl windows would shrink and warp, leaving a poorly seated window that leaked air and moisture. The company managed to overcome the performance problems that plagued vinyl windows in the beginning.

Costs & Pricing

Simonton vinyl window are right in the mid-range of vinyl window costs. Like any other product, custom options and certain designs will cost more, especially it comes to pricing for installation, which is typically arranged by the customer themselves.

-- Simonton Price Range: $350 to $650 installed --

More on Simonton Window Prices

Reflections Series

This series has plenty of options and features to meet the needs of any home. For ideal performance they need professional installation, but once in they are great at increasing energy efficiency and home comfort. Many shapes and styles are available to match any home.

Prism Series

Prism is Simonton's higher end line, only sold by a few suppliers. These have a bigger range of features than their other lines. Prism provides windows for a variety of climates to keep energy efficiency as high as possible. The variety of features to choose from makes these almost custom windows.

Impressions Series

This line of windows and doors is generally bought off the shelf at dealers and home improvement stores. There are a variety of features available, from UV coatings to glare reduction. There are a popular choice, especially for home owners working on DIY projects, because they are affordable and simple.

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