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Okna Vinyl Windows

OKNA vinyl windows are available in one of three models - the Precision Weld (400 Series), the Insul-Tec (500 Series) and the Enviro-Star (800 Series). Their products are considered by many industry insiders and contractors to be some of the best in the vinyl business.

Basics Of OKNA Windows

OKNA was started by two NY contractors from New York who moved to Pennsylvania and set up a factory in Bucks County. Today they use a 25,000 sf plant to create their numerous product lines. All of their windows are custom made to order and they focus on quality products and excellent customer satisfation. Like many other manufacturers, OKNA uses dealers and distributors to sell their products throughout the United States. Their windows are not cheap - either in their construction or their price tag. Homeowners will pay $500 to $850 per opening, which includes both the window and the installation. OKNA offers 3 basic vinyl window product lines; Precision Weld, Insul-Tec and Enviro-Star. The Precision Weld is the entry level replacement, the Insul-Tec their mid range and most popular line and finally the Enviro-Star is their premium replacement option.

-- Price Range: $500 to $850 installed --

Precision Weld Series

The Precision Weld is also commonly referred to as the 400 series. This is their entry level replacement that is considered a good window for the money. The window includes features such as a fusion welded vinyl frame, warm edge spacer, heavy gauge handles on the sashes, a fiberglass mesh screen, push button vent latch, single piece sloped sill and an optional upgrade to foam filled vinyl chambers for better energy efficiency. More on Okna window prices.

Insul-Tec Series

The Insul-Tec is commonly referred to as the 500 series and is their only vinyl frame that is available as either a replacement or for new construction. The Insul-Tec is OKNA's most popular line and has some very nice features such as a stronger sill wall and an auto lock feature that are not included on the Precision Weld. The window can be ordered in either the Energy Package (argon fills and low-e glass) or the upgrade to the Deluxe, which adds foam fills in the frame chambers and a locking screen.

Enviro-Star Seriess

The Enviro-Star is commonly referred to as the 800 series. This is their premium replacement option with solid craftsmanship and design. Lots of options and upgrades available and incorporates thinner lines than the other two models (but does not lose structural integrity), along with nice metal handles and the look of exterior molding. The window is one of the more expensive options on the vinyl market, but is a very good performer and is often recommended by top installers.

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