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Atrium Vinyl Windows

Atrium manufactures mainly vinyl windows, although they also produce aluminum windows. Based in Dallas, Texas, Atrium have been around for over 60 years and has a solid reputation throughout the industry. Atrium has facilities throughout the United States and each region produces specific product line, such as hurricane impact windows in the Southeast. Atrium manufacturers numerous mid range vinyl window lines that are then sold to other companies who rebadge or rebrand the windows with their own name (a relatively common practice in the industry).

Cost Of Atrium Windows

Expect to pay anywhere from $350 to $650 for a standard sized double hung window. Their based price on the DH is $270 and then upgrades will increase the costs from here - type of glass, glass fills, grids and hardware options. Installation costs will certainly differ based on individual contractor prices and complexity of project. Price out your project with our vinyl window calculator.

-- Price Range -- $350 to $650 installed --

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Atrium Windows Series

Atrium produces a long list of product lines. One of the most popular is the simple sliding patio door. It suits any home style and design. Other lines have more detailed design features and other factors that make then unique.

Heirloom Series

The Heirloom line has several window styles to fit any home. Traditional double hung and casement windows are only the beginning. A horizontal slider and a roll & turn add the option of some more unusual styles, and the picture window and awning models can create a unique silhouette for your home.

Dynasty, Aspirations, and 6000 Series

These lines are based around a simple tilt single hung window. The horizontal slider is a perfect complement, and a custom picture window can give any home a truly personal look. Each of the three product designs has unique decorative features so that there is always a perfect window for your home design.

Advantage Series

These windows provide an elegant entryway that is beautiful and durable at the same time. Advantage offers both traditional French doors and sliding patio doors so there is one for every home.

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