Amerimax Vinyl Windows


Amerimax Vinyl Windows

Amerimax vinyl windows are a popular choice among builders and consumers - the company enjoys a good reputation for quality products and service. Pricewise, their windows range from the mid to slightly higher end of the vinyl window cost spectrum.

Basics of Amerimax Windows

Amerimax Building Products is headquartered in Norcross Georgia and is a division of Euramax, which has some 46 plants and facilities in the United States alone. The company began in the mid 1980s and they make four lines of vinyl replacement windows. With a good limited lifetime warranty and a focus on energy efficiency and quality, Amerimax windows are a popular choice for both the construction industry, as well as homeowners in most areas of the country including the West Coast.

Pricing & Costs

Amerimax windows prices range from $400 to $700 fully installed for their four main vinyl window series. This puts on par with companies like Great Lakes, Milgard and Simonton in terms of both cost and quality.

-- Price Range: $400 to $700 installed --

Masters Grande Series

The Maters Grande series comes in either traditional double hung or a horizontal slider style. With sleek lines and a narrow profile, these are ideal for modern home designs. They also feature an easy cleaning system.

Craftsman Portrait Series

This series differentiates itself from the Masters Grande because it only available as a single hung window, which has a single movable sash. Available in several configurations, this multi-chambered frame is strong and durable.

Aristocrat Casement Series

The Aristocrate Casement is available only as a casement window and focuses on creating a distinct look for the home. Without sacrificing strength and durability, the Aristocrat windows have more visual styles to choose from.

Bays and Bows

These are always custom built, making each window perfect for the design of the home. A variety of interior and exterior options are available.

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