Vinyl Window Companies


Vinyl Window Companies

There are a huge number of vinyl window companies and thus a huge variation in what vinyl windows cost. The following vinyl window companies are all generally regarded as ones that offer quality products. There is always disagreement as to who makes the best vinyl windows, but if you polled 10 industry experts - all of the companies below would make at least one of their lists.


Amerimax Building Products has four lines or products. With a good limited lifetime warranty and a focus on energy efficiency and quality, Amerimax is a popular choice.

» Amerimax Windows


Based in Dallas, Texas, Atrium has been around for over 60 years. Although they produce aluminum frames as well, their focus and strength is on their vinyl products. They have a good reputation throughout the industry for making solid products that do the job well.

» Atriums Windows


Gorell can provide attractive and enduring windows for new construction and renovation projects. They provide a complete line as well as patio doors and other products.

» Gorell


Okna are available in one of three models – the Precision Weld (400 Series), the Insul-Tec (500 Series) and the Enviro-Star (800 Series). Their products are considered by many industry insiders and contractors to be top of the line. They are also at the top of the vinyl heap in terms of pricing.

» Okna Windows


Simonton provide an affordable energy efficient option for many homeowners. The company was central in overcoming the performance problems that plagued the material in the beginning, and today's designs provide some of the best that any material can offer.

» Simonton Windows


Sunrise are considered very good by many if not most installers and industry experts. Some contractors didn't think the quality was particularly good before around 2004, but it has improved greater since that time. Sunrise series and models are recommended by many contractors as a good brand and very nice value product.

» Sunrise Windows

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