Vinyl Window Contractors | How To Select The Best


Vinyl Window Contractors | How To Select The Best

Finding the right vinyl window contractor is important. Careful screening of potential contractors can help you to narrow them down to a few good choices. Your time is valuable and you don't want to waste it, so taking these basic steps can help you ultimately get the best vinyl replacement windows.

Choosing a Vinyl Window Contractor

The window replacement estimate is an an important step in choosing a contractor. It is about more than getting a specific price. You are able to size up the contractor and ask a few more questions to make a final choice.

Pre-Screening All Companies

Before you make an appointment, you should ask some basic questions over the phone. Of course, it's important to know how long they have been in business and how much experience they have doing the type of work you're looking for. You also want to ask about liability insurance, bonding, and licensing. It's a good idea to ask for references. Most vinyl window companies can provide the names of past clients who can tell you about their experience.

Make an Appointment

It's usually a good idea to get estimates from several contractors. Have them come out within a few days of each other. That ensures that the estimates are based on the same conditions. It is impossible to compare estimates given a long time apart, as the price of materials can change and the conditions of the home may be different. Have a pen and paper handy, and make a list of questions to ask beforehand.

Questions to Ask

Contractors have a good idea of what you need to know. You do want to ask a few questions that aren't always covered. Find out if the contractor handles disposal of the old windows and other debris. You'll want to ask which companies they work with and what models they recommend. The warranty is also important. Some contractors offer their own warranty on labor and others support the manufacturers warranty.

Understanding Bids

The bid should have a breakdown fo where the money is going as well as a final total. Any prep work and demolition should be listed, as well as removal and disposal of material. The window cost, hardware, and any other materials should include a detailed break down. There should also be a clear time table and deadline for the job as well as a payment schedule. The bid should also state whether the company does the work or hires subcontractors. The standard fine print should include warranty information, how to settle disputes, and other information. It's important to understand where the money is going and how it adds up.

Comparing Bids

Each bid will probably look a little different, so it can be hard to compare. Sometimes there is very little difference, but sometimes it's surprisingly different. Often the biggest difference in price is because companies use different brands of windows. Looking at the detailed break downs of the bids can help to compare equally.


There is always room to negotiate. If the cost is a little high, find out where they can come down. Perhaps you can dispose of the debris yourself, or the needed demolition is minimal and the window cost can be lowered. Labor is often where the biggest profit margin and can sometimes be lowered.

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