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Energy Star Windows

Energy Star® Windows are those that comply with the Energy Star program, which is aimed at increasing the efficiency of American products and appliances. For pricing information on energy compliant windows, check out our replacement window estimator.

History Of The Program

Energy Star was a program set up by the federal government back in 1992 under the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA. Eventually, the program expanded to the U.S. Dept of Energy and began to be applied to a whole host of products, including replacement windows and doors. Anyone who has purchased an appliance in the past 15 years has probably seen the distinctive Energy Star label on their washer/dryer, fridge, etc.

Goal Of The Program

The idea behind the program was to increase the energy efficiency of American products, reduce their yearly operating costs and make them more environmentally friendly. In 2013, the program saved nearly $50 billion in energy costs for Americans. Each year the overal savings increases, a welcomes trend, especially given the increasing strains on households from

Replacement Windows

Many of today's manufacturers of replacement windows produce Energy Star® certfiied products. There is a nice incentive for consumers to purchase these items, both because of long term operating costs and the tax rebate that the Federal Government provides. In 2012, the tax credit was 10% of the purchase price up to $200. In order to qualify, a window must have a certain U-factor and SHGC number - the actual performance number is based on the region of the United States where they are produced and sold.

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