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How To Buy Vinyl Windows

Curious about how to buy vinyl windows, the number of decisions involved and options to consider can be a little overwhelming. We have simplified the process for you and listed the ten key factors that you should consider when you are talking to potential vinyl window contractor about how to buy vinyl windows.

How To Buy Vinyl Windows

There are so many different choices available, that it helps to narrow down your choices before you start searching. Think about the vinyl window styles you prefer. Is wood your first choice or would you consider vinyl? Do you have a tight budget for buying your replacement windows or can you afford the best? Will you be staying in your home or selling soon? This may determine whether you want to pay more for specific features. Deciding on a few of these options will help you not to be overwhelmed by the amount of choice out there.

Priorities On How To Buy Vinyl Windows

Prioritizing what is most important to you will also help narrow down your search when buy vinyl windows. Is a certain company important? For instance if you know you want Pella or Andersen vinyl replacement windows, just look at them, but see if you can find ways of fitting them into your budget. Perhaps energy efficiency is your priority? Then only look at windows with energy efficient features such as triple paned glass or low-e coatings. If style is your priority then go by looks first, as long as it doesn't blow your budget of course!

Request Free Estimates

When you are seriously considering buying, most vinyl companies are happy to give you a free in-home estimate. They will come to your home and look at your existing windows, ask what you are looking for and give you a few options to think about. You'll get a good idea of what the actual windows will look like and a realistic idea of prices. There is no need to close a deal at this point. In fact you should avoid it, as this is just your preliminary information gathering stage. Get a few estimates before you make a decision and don't let a pushy salesman pressure you into deciding, until you have had time to consider all the options.

Be Guided By Your Budget

Unless you have budgeted unrealistically in the first place, you should insist that window contractors or salesmen show you window options within your budget. It's often a salesman's job to steer you towards the higher priced options, so you have to be firm and make it clear that unless they can show you something more affordable you will go to another company.

Get A Breakdown of Estimates

It helps when comparing a replacement window estimate to get a detailed breakdown, so that you can see what is charged for buying the actual windows and what is the cost of installation, or for additional features. You will then get a better idea of how much each option costs. You can always purchase windows from one supplier and have them installed by another, but you may find that the supplier will install them more cheaply as an incentive to purchase.

Inform Yourself About Window Warranties

New windows usually come with warranties, and checking the details will help you understand whether the replacement windows you are buying are high quality or not. Check whether the vinyl window warranty cover the installation; some warranties may be voided if an outside contractor installs the windows for instance. Also find out whether the warranty can be transferred if you sell your home.

Check Out Payment Options

Buying replacement windows is a significant investment, so if you would rather not pay out all the money in one go, check out which if the replacement window company offers payment options. Get info on pricing using our vinyl window cost calculator. Some companies may allow you to pay in interest-free installments, which could help your decision making.

Ask When The Job Can Be Completed

Before buying make sure that you get a written idea of how long it will take to deliver and install your windows. You're the one spending the money so you do have a say in this. If the company can't provide them in the time frame you are looking at, tell them that you will be looking at other companies.

Check References and Compare Prices

Once you have narrowed your buying options down to two or three companies, compare each deal for the project pricing, warranty and what else is included with your replacement windows. Don't forget to check the company's references, or research them at the Better Business Bureau, to make sure they are reputable. Also factor in which company your gut instinct tells you to go with, once you have checked the basics.

Stay With Your Original Plan

When you are researching how to buy vinyl windows you will see so many options and may come across pushy sales people. Start off with some ideas about what you want and a realistic budget. Keep to that plan and don't be tempted or pushed into buying something out of your price range or that isn't really what you wanted.

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