Best Vinyl Replacement Windows


Best Vinyl Replacement Windows

Finding the best vinyl replacement windows is difficult because of the many factors involved. The best windows for your home are probably not the best for a homeowner who lives across the country. However, industry experts still have their favorites - companies who produce quality vinyl replacement windows and handle issues that arise. For additional opinions, see our page on the best vinyl replacement windows consumer reports.

Best Vinyl Replacement Windows | Take 1

As far as I'm concerned, these four vinyl window companies make some of the best vinyl replacement windows on the market. They are listed in no particular order:

1. Gorell

2. Okna

3. Soft-Lite

4. Sunrise

Wayne - Contractor - 2013

Best Vinyl Replacement Windows | Take 2

Here are four great vinyl window companies that make very solid products and seem to really stand behind their work. They are all in the $500 to $750 per window installed price range. They aren't the most expensive or the least expensive on the market - but they all offer quality that you can count on.

PGT (East Coast)
Milgard (West Coast)

West Coast's Best

When I think about what are the best vinyl replacement windows, I evaluate not only the windows themselves, but the service and the warranties that the window companies offers. Because these types of windows last so long, I think that's an important consideration. The top four west coast manufacturers in my mind, in terms of product quality, service and warranties, would be (not really in any order they're all pretty close).





As far as Amerimax and Milgard,the Amerimax come standard with more features, which would have to be upgraded on the Tuscany series to make them comparable. No matter what type of window is chosen, however, my advice is to make sure you have a reputable installer or contractor that knows what he's doing – even the best window can cause problems if not installed correctly.

My second tier would include




Jim - Window Distributor

East Coast Picks

I'd have to say that for the most part, I've never really had any major problems with any the following, which is consider some of the best vinyl replacement window. Other than occasional small issues, like shipping damage or a problem with something small, like weatherstripping, all the windows have been good. And with any minor issues I've had, I have found the customer service departments of all the companies below to be willing to stand behind their products and resolve my issues. So, therefore, these are five of my recommendations for the best vinyl replacement windows, but in no particular order (I've alphabetized them instead):

1. Gorell/Soft-Lite

2. PGT

3. Okna

4. Sunrise

5. Affinity Energex Elite

Max - Window Contractor

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