Best Composite Replacement Windows


Best Composite Replacement Windows

Here are four options that we consider the best composite replacement windows. With the exception of the Starmark, the top performing vinyl windows will beat out the top composite windows in terms of performance any day of the week. Composite windows are quite nice looking though and will usually get the nod in terms of aesthetics over vinyl frames. Compare composite and vinyl windows here.

Okna Starmark Windows

The Okna Starmark composite window is probably the best window option for the money. It's a thick, bulky frame, although it even this out with some nice sightlines. Performance wise, this is a tough window to beat. Installers who know Okna and the quality of this company will recommend the Starmark every time. Not the best looking window in this class, but certainly a very good window at a very affordable price.

-- Cost Range: $750 fully installed --

Andersen 100 Windows

The Andersen 100 composite window is a very nice looking window that is available in a ton of exterior colors. It is available as both a new construction and replacement window and is made from a mixture of wood and vinyl (Andersen calls this their fibrex). The performance numbers on the 100 series are not as impressive as you might think and one of the reasons that many contractors won't always recommend the window to their customers.

-- Cost Range: $650 fully installed --

Great Lakes EcoSmart Windows

The Great Lakes EcoSmart composite window is their high end model that has a ton of great features, including an I-Core spacer, great aluminum hardware and a nice welded sloped sill. Combine this with high quality weatherstripping, glazing and seals and this window is an impressive specimen (especially with their ecoMaxKR glass upgrade). A technically high end window that will perform very well with solid installation.

-- Cost Range: $600 fully installed --

Renewal By Andersen Windows

Renewal By Andersen composite windows are made from very similar materials as the 100 series from Andersen (RBA is a franchise from Andersen windows). It is completely customizable and is a very nice looking window. On the performance side, it is not overly impressive but does get some decent numbers (0.30 U-factor and 0.34 SHGC). Consumers can upgrade to their SmartSun glass upgrade and improve significantly on these numbers. The big knock on the RBA is the cost. A whopping $1050 per window fully installed. It's a nice looking window, but it's certainly not inexpensive.

-- Cost Range: $1050 fully installed --

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