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Vinyl Window Articles

Discover great vinyl window articles on a variety of topics and issues. Read excepts and click on links for additional information.

Buying Guide

There are a number of decisions involved and options to consider can be a little overwhelming. We have simplified the process for you and listed the ten key factors that you should consider when you are talking to potential contractors about how to buy them.

» How To Buy Vinyl Windows

Energy Star Windows

Energy Star was a program set up by the federal government back in 1992 under the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA. Eventually, the program expanded to the U.S. Dept of Energy and began to be applied to a whole host of products, including replacement windows and doors.

» Energy Star Windows

10 Reasons To Go With Vinyl

There are way more than ten good reasons why these are a great idea, but here we've chosen our top ten reasons to consider them. By the time you've read these ten solid reasons, you won't need to carry on reading any further to be convinced.

» 10 Reasons Vinyl Is For You

How To Get The Right Contractor

- Explore the steps and tools you can use to find the very best contractors or installers for your next home project.

» Finding Top Contractors

Ratings & Performance

There are four key factors indicated by ratings. We will go through the options that best suit your local weather conditions and budget. You can spend a fortune on the best quality glass if you don't focus on ratings.

» Vinyl Replacement Ratings

Top Rated Products

Finding the best frames is difficult because of the many factors involved. The best for your home are probably not the best for a homeowner who lives across the country. However, industry experts still have their favorites – companies who produce quality products and handle issues that arise.

» Best Vinyl Replacement Windows

Consumer Reports Recommendations

Searching for the best Consumer Reports rated windows? Discover what they rated highest and how they match up against one another.

» Best Vinyl Replacement Windows Consumer Reports

Builder Grade Windows

Builder grade windows are a lower end window that is often sold to builders or developers who are putting up new housing developments and looking to save on costs.

» Builder Grade Windows

Best Composite Replacements

Here are four options that we consider the best composite replacements, including the Okna Starmark, Andersen 100, Great Lakes EcoSmart and the Renewal By Andersen.

» Best Composite Options

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